Adult Small Groups

We offer small groups both in homes and online. 

We believe small groups are a key to spiritual growth, unity and staying on mission. We are built for community and small groups offer an intimate environment where encouragement, prayer and spiritual maturity can happen. It's where we celebrate life together, connect relationally and contribute to the OCC mission. 

In home small groups:

During this season of social distancing we believe in home small groups offer the safest face to face gathering. They are groups of 3-10 people that meet weekly, days and times vary so check out the link below for locations and times. 

Online small groups:

These groups consist of 3 - 15 people that meet on a regular basis over the internet through video chat platforms like Zoom or Facebook. These groups help you stay connected with others, explore faith, and encourage one another to find and follow Jesus. Click on the online small group link below an sign up. 


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