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Impact Student Ministries is designed to culturally engage students 6th grade through 12th grade and help them make an impact in their world for Jesus by living out their faith. We challenge students to make an impact by bringing hope to people through a relationship with Jesus, love others by serving them, and cultivate change to grow their faith.

Brandon Hammond
Student Pastor

"Hi! My name is Brandon Hammond and I'm the student pastor here at OCC. I love getting to see middle school and high school students make an impact for Jesus. We have a great team of leaders here that would love to partner with you and help teens find and follow Jesus."

Impact Top 10

1. Communication is key. The best way to communicate is through text. This is why we have a student and parent text group for all updated info and resources revolving Impact. For families text “impactparent” to 41411. For students text “impactsm” to 41411.

2. Know our series. This semester we are going through different series that hit a relevant need for students. When you know what your teen is learning at Impact you can have intentional conversations to talk about it at home. Numbers 3-6 are the following series for this semester with a brief description of what they are and when we are covering them.

3. Difference Maker. We started this year of 2020 with a series call Difference Maker. God calls us all to make a difference in this world. We are talking about how we can do that with the influence we have, and purpose God gives us.

4. No Regrets and How to date an Idiot. Each year around February we do a dating, sex, and relationship series. “No Regrets” talks about how our heart sometimes works against us and how God’s plan for purity leads us back to Him. “How to date an Idiot” will be a fun Wednesday night where we will use reverse psychology and use an interesting spin on this topic.

5. Think Different. This series aligns with our Core. Before students graduate, we want them to have a faith foundation built on engaging God’s Word, prayer, serving the church and making disciples. In March, this series is designed to have engaging group-like conversations as we approach it in a way we have never done it before.

6. In My Feelings. In April we will be tackling a need for students right now concerning mental health. We feel like, as the church, we need to take the lead on this conversation. We will be working alongside mental health professionals and providing great resources to students and families.

7. Last Impact before summer May 13. This will be our last Impact on a Wednesday night before we break for summer. We break our Wednesday night rhythm due to our mountain top experiences like middle school camp and high school conference. We also have our small groups meet once a month for summer impact hangouts.

8. Middle school camp June 28 – July 3. This is our mountain top experience for middle school students at High Hill Christian Camp. The camp theme will be about focus. We need to set our focus on the things God has for us in life and that will take perseverance and endurance.

9. High school conference CIY MOVE July 13-18. This is our mountain top experience for high school students. It is a 5 day conference on a college campus where students gather with hundreds of other high school students in a week that brings them closer to God. This year’s theme is about the Trinity and the different roles they play in a high schooler’s life.

10. Open conversation. At Impact, we want to reach everyone for Jesus. With this mission we have students who come from all different backgrounds, those who are far from Jesus and those who are closer. This creates messy moments and we see Jesus in the mess often loving people well. Brandon wants families to know if any issues or concerns come up, that he wants to work together to help. His number is 314-303-9587 or his email is

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