Morning of Dec. 24th

9:00  &  10:40  am

5:00 pm

Night of Dec. 24th

*All Kids Are Welcome,  Nursery Available 0-3

3 Christmas Eve Service Times

One Special Evening Service for the Whole Family

*2 Identical Morning Services



From Abraham to the Wise Men, God has used His creation--stars--to point to Jesus. God's promise to Abraham is that Abraham's descendants will "outnumber the stars in the sky." Even though Sarah, his wife, was already beyond childbearing years, at 100 years old, Abraham & Sarah conceived their firstborn son, Isaac.


Isaac's miraculous birth, foretold God's power to do the impossible--which He announced again to the Wise Men by the stars. The star of Bethlehem led these Magi to the nativity of an even greater miracle--the birth of Jesus Christ. God was fulfilling His promise to Abraham, as Mary--the descendant of Isaac and a virgin--gave birth to the Savior of the World.

For the Christmas season we'll stand in awe of the same stars that invite us to follow by faith, our God who is still fulfilling His promise. We'll learn that we are Abraham's descendants, if we trust God's power to do the impossible through Jesus--to raise the dead to life. Along the way our prayer is that God will speak to us again, reminding us to shine like the stars in the sky, guiding others to Jesus by our faithfulness to Him.

Star Light will be an experience of God's creation, Word and promise you will not want to miss.