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What is giftmart? 

gift of education

As Giftmart’s operating budget is separately funded, these low-income families, through their purchases will be reinvesting into Dardenne Elementary School. The money raised through the sales of these toys will result in the purchase of much needed library books, computers, musical instruments and other supplies.

gift of dignity

Giftmart is an OCC outreach ministry that is partnering with businesses and the OCC greater community to collect new toys.  In an effort to preserve dignity, parents from Giftmart’s partner school here in O’Fallon, Dardenne Elementary School will be able to choose gifts for their children at a discounted price of $2 per toy.

gift of community

Giftmart seeks to reimagine the holiday charity model by harnessing the generosity of communities to do more than just place toys under the tree in under-resourced neighborhoods. You can provide the gift of community by joining our team to help plan, shop, or set up. You can join the team now at and help make a difference in the life of a student and their family. 

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